2007 Yamaha SR400

2007 Yamaha SR400

Make: Yamaha

Model: SR400 (import)

Registration: CAFE4

Condition: Awesome

Except for its trademark kickstart single cylinder engine, this SR400 is barely recognisable as a Yamaha with no expense spared on this awesome cafe racer build. Just about everything on this machine has been either replaced or customised to make it a lean and sleek racing machine from its angled clip on handle bars all the way through to its custom black leather seat. The highest level of detail on this build has been priority with many components being painted black to match the colour scheme, aftermarket headlight with built in gauge, relocated ignition, cleverly relocated rear sets that give the ultimate riding position to ensure maximum velocity whilst traversing the road. Custom exhaust (high temp heat wrapped of course) and the addition of a oil temperature indicator built in just above the tank to monitor how cool this keeps as with such an open naked design with the vast majority of non essential components being stripped in favour of saving weight, once again to make this one quick bike.

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