Make: Ural

Model: CT Dark Force

Engine Capacity: 750cc

‘Inspired by the world of Star Wars, we created a motorcycle that lets your inner child explore the dark side with little damage to the real world balance of power,’ Ural said.

Each motorcycle is designed with the standard 749 cc OHV, two-cylinder, air-cooled, boxer-style engine that powers the entire Ural line up.

Ceramic coated exhaust, black brushed aluminum badging and black zinc coated passenger pegs are just some of the unique features of this limited-edition model.

The bikes are also equipped with a four-speed forward, a single speed reverse transmission tied to a driveshaft final drive and can hit speeds up to 70 mph.

The requisite sidecar can fit princess Leia and the Enduro bench seat has room for a third passenger. 

‘Ural Dark Force is subtle, light and nimble,' the company stated. 

'It comes in gloss black with blacked out powertrain and matching ceramic-coated exhaust - a perfect cloak for your epic escape.'‘We've added our highest visibility LED Headlight, designed to pierce the night and cut through the darkness.’

The Russian company has been manufacturing sidecar rigs since 1941 in the Soviet Union.The motorcycles were first built as battle bikes for the Soviet Red Army, modeled after a late-1930s BMW R71.At one time, the factories were producing 100,000 sidecar bikes a year. The “Dark Force” however has been limited to just 25 units in total!There have been a few stories about how this engineering ended up in Russians, but legend has it that Nazi Germany provided the Soviet Union with a R71 after the countries signed a nonaggression pact in 1939.It wasn’t until the 1950's were these nostalgic bikes sold to the public. Although the motorcycles are manufactured in Irbitz, Russia, Irbit MotorWorks of America (IMWA), the direct importer and global distributor of Urals, is American owned.





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