hunter scooter


Make: Hunter

Year: 2017

Model:  Hunter Scooter

Engine Capacity: 150cc


The all new Hunters are here!

They have a whole host of new upgrades over the previous models:

• 2 piece stainless exhaust system, with removable baffles
• Aluminium foot pegs
•  Colour coded Black Charcoal Pillion pegs
• CNC aluminium brake levers
• Colour coded Titanium and charcoal double canister rear shocks.
• Black with chrome accents speedo cluster


The Hunter Scooter look originated in the alleyways and chop shops of Tokyo in the late 1990’s, where ‘originality defined character’. These little bare-boned scooters were transformed into street beasts: with the addition of extension arms on the drivetrains, dropped suspension, cut off sports exhausts, front foot pegs for the cruiser look and, most importantly, a fat piece of rubber on the rear.

These bikes set back their owners loads of cash in customisation. The first expense was their original purchase, which in most cases was in the form of a 50cc Ruckus or Zoomer platform. As customisation became more widespread, the availability of modifications for this type of scooter grew. Manufacturers were offering so many parts, spares and tweaks, bike owners were spending up to three times their original investment on parts to modify and separate their scooter from the pack. They look great, but took a lot of funds and hard work to get there.

Hunter wanted to create something just as mean, but at an affordable price that has ‘street cred’ straight outta the crate. The Hunter Scooter has been many years in the making and we’ve been through many lengthy stages of research and development to get the fine tuning just right. Luckily enough, we have been able to source a great quality manufacturer with an output of 100,000 bikes a year, plus a state-of-the-art factory with high levels of quality control at international standards, has allowed us to bring you the Hunter. We couldn’t be more excited about now being able to offer this incredibly cool bike, the first bike of its kind into Australia.



All yours for only


+ all on road costs




bring it on

The hunter Scooter is definitely not your average scooter, it's a wonder how anyone managed to cram so much raw personality into one mean machine.


Junk in the trunk

The key to Hunter Scooters raw personality is the rear tyre, which in undeniably badass, as well as the long list of cool features that come standard.


open for business

One of the coolest aspects of the Hunter Scooter is it's potential, it's a blank canvas for you to create your masterpiece. Just take a look at some of the incredible machines coming out of Japan and you'll get an idea of just how far you can take it!


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