lml star


Make: LML

Year: 2017

Model:  Star

Engine Capacity: 150cc


Star 4S Automatic complete LML range. A real news that represent the ideal solution for those attracted by the vintage style, essence and looks of the Star, but for whom a manual transmission has never seemed appealing. Available in 151 cc version represent the victory of a great challenge, to preserve the dimensions and aesthetics of the Star Deluxe. Manoeuvrable and agile, new born vehicle is highly dynamic and a pleasure to ride in every utilisation conditions with very low consumption and emissions. The generous fuel tank, coupled with extremely low fuel consumption figures of up to 46 Km/l* make this a practical vehicle for everyday use, even for younger riders.



All yours for only


+ on road costs


colours currently available








Matte Blue


british green


real retro

An amazing example of true retro design, the LML Star was designed to pay homage to vintage classic scooters. Designed by Piaggio in Italy it has the true authentic flavour of a European designed machine.


Only the best

The star is made with only the best components, ensuring that you get the quality ride you want with minimal fuss. It has quality that you can rely on, that has been tested by time, so you don't have to worry about getting from A to B. 


Capturing the spirit

The LML Star is a perfect example of a modern scooter that keeps the spirit of the vintage scene alive. All the modern features you need with enough style to turn heads. This makes it the perfect modern scooter to get around the city or commute to work on, that still embodies that classic scooter look.


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