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Motorcycle Service

Scooter Service

Scooter Service


We use all genuine scooter & motorcycle service items tailored to your machine, and are made to fit. We operate only with qualified scooter & motorcycle technicians.

Smash Repairs

Gasoline specialises in all aspects of scooter & motorcycle crash repairs for both private and insurance work. Have your scooter or motorcycle delivered to Gasoline by your insurance company. We will quote damage accordingly to your insurance company’s needs. We work with all major insurance companies. We will cover the tow cost on your behalf. Fast & efficient smash repairs to the highest quality Australian standard.


All scooters and motorcycles left on the premises of Gasoline Scooters & Motorcycles for service/mechanical/inspection work must be retrieved within 48 hours after the service/mechanical/inspection work is completed. If you are unable to retrieve the vehicle within this 48 hour period, please contact Gasoline Scooters & Motorcycles to make arrangements for extended storage and/or delivery of your vehicle.

Any scooter or motorcycle that has not been picked up after 7 days without prior arrangement will incur storage fees of $20 per day retroactive to 7 days after the work on the scooter or motorcycle was completed until pickup or delivery.


Gasoline Australia NSW pty ltd TERMS & CONDITIONS

Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles Workshop staff will continue to service and repair your scooter or motorcycle to the highest standards of workmanship of their ability to ensure that you enjoy reliable and safe riding on your scooter or motorcycle for the duration of your ownership and beyond.

Gasoline requires you to agree to our  TERMS & CONDITIONS  before any work can commence on your Scooter or Motorcycle.

Two Wheel Workshop Repairs and Services
All repairs recommended by Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles will be discussed verbally with our customer and will only carried out and charged to the customer only if Gasoline and our customer have agreed together.

In reference to a diagnostic on your Scooter or Motorcycle where a problem is occurring or has occurred to your vehicle then Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles will suggest and offer an estimate before any work is carried out, a diagnosis fee will apply at a minimum charge accordingly to the work particulars.

If, when a scooter is dismantled, additional problems are detected, Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles will ask the customer to submit a clear direction for Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles to either proceed with all necessary repairs, or contact the customer first. Where Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles preforms any workshop time carrying out and providing a detailed diagnosis to the customer accordingly but the customer decides not to go ahead with the repair then Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles is entitled to charge a fee for the diagnosis according to the work particulars. Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles reserves the right to refuse work on any customers Scooter or Motorcycle. All costs up to this point will be charged to the customer accordingly.

Our Payment options and policies.
Your payment is due when picking up your Scooter or Motorcycle. The client will be notified of the final amount due on a verbal basis and or via a text message to your mobile or via emailin writing by Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles.
Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles will accept all major credit cards, electronic funds transfers, International telegraphic transfers.
Please note that Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles does not accept personal or business checks.

Amex Credit Cards will incur a 3% surcharge.
MasterCard and Visa will incur a 3% surcharge.

In reference to a large workshop job accordingly Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles will require a deposit to be paid on or before the work will commence
Where Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles has requesteda deposit, the Client acknowledges that the deposit is not refundable.
Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles has the right to retain your Scooter or Motorcycle until any out standing amounts been paid in full.

Spare Parts and Accessories
The Client automatically authorizes Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles to order, on their behalf, any parts or materials necessary to carry out the work required.
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Client must pay to Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles the full cost of obtaining any such parts and materials (including any costs arising from currency fluctuations between the date the parts and materials were ordered and paid for).

Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles will not, without the Client’s prior authorization, carry out any work or supply any materials which are not included or referred to in the agreed worksheet.

Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles will supply and fit all necessary parts and materials and grants warranty on these according to the manufacturer.
If parts are supplied by the Client or have been fitted by a different workshop, a warranty is not valid for these parts or any percussion's these might have on the Scooter or Motorcycle

Your Scooter or Motorcycle must be collected within 48 hours from notification by Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles after the completion of any workshop service preformed, unless prior arrangement's have been made with management from Gasoline.
Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles reserves the right to charge a storage fee of $20.00 + GST per day.

Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles does not accept liability for any of its customers property: Which will include jackets, helmets, Scooters and Motorcycles on our premises.

All Workshop Service work and repairs are booked in by appointment only.
Once a job is confirmed by both Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles and our customer it may not be cancelled. If in the event that you need to cancel what you have committed to that we ask that you give us up to 48 hours notification . Cancellation of a job by the customer will only be accepted on the condition that any costs, charges and expenses that have already incurred by Gasoline Scooters and Motorcycles are to be paid in full by the customer.

Workshop Fees on Service Invoicing (if applicable)
Battery Disposal $2.50
Tyre Disposal $4.50
Engine Cleaning Min 1 hour process $95
Oil and Oil filter disposal $3.50
Workshop Sundries $9.50
All Service charges are exclusive of GST