Classic shape with pivot visor


Motocross style for the street


Open face with hidden jet visor


Light, small-shell open face



Experience, innovative research, and advanced technologies have led to the success of Premier Helmets.  Drawing on 60 years of continuous technological and product innovation, Premier is an international leader in high quality motorcycle helmets, with an industrial plan exclusively dedicated to the production of fibre helmets.

Renowned Italian passion is channeled into every element of the business, including the strategic dynamics of marketing, investments in resources, innovative technology and design, and obsessive eye for product safety. The development and global success of Premier lies in their maximum attention to minor details.

A Premier helmet is an essential for every motorcycle rider.  


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Founded in Westminster, California, USA in 1956, the Premier brand gained instant acclaim for their innovative designs that were well constructed and stylish. Sooner after the production moved from America to Italy in 1987 where the brand continued to grow.  A brand founded on a great passion for motorcycles has led to decades of dedication to research, technological innovation and an understanding of superior product safety. 

Pushing into the field of high-performance automotive helmets, the family-owned company have now set the benchmark for high quality manufacturing and delivering an immaculate end-product for the customer.

Premier’s certified lab carries out rigorous controls on all stages of design, development and production insuring the final products uphold all the requirements internationally of the ECE 22.05 standard. Every element is made in Italy, with the the full spectrum of production controlled and managed internally by the Madeo family; whose strong focus and passion is synonymous with their trust and reliability.   

The range includes models designed specifically for different uses, catering to riders of all styles. Made to be light, comfortable and super-ventilated, they are highly regarded by everyday riders and seasoned professionals alike.  

Premier are industry trailblazers with a rich history of acclaim, from street cred to stunt cred. They have been producing helmets for generations for many national post services, such as La Poste in France, and various fire brigades around the world.  Premier was also the helmet of choice for the first ever stunt woman, Debbie Lawler (aka, The Flying Angel) and track legends Troy Bayliss and Phil Read.

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