Om nom nom

In order to facilitate the expansion into some cheeky food and beverage shenanigans, Gasoline Motor co has been undergoing some minor remodelling of our Alexandria compound. One downfall of this being that the site has been left with a temporary corrugated iron facade that was looking a little slum’ish.

So, to rectify our predicament, the task was outsourced to the very capable hands of local artist Hules - who managed to work his magic and utilise the uneven surface to his advantage, resulting in some super rad retro tattoo flash inspired street art.

Feel free to come down to 88 Bourke Road Alexandria and enjoy this dope-swagger art work as the background for your next Snapchat selfie - and whilst you're at it, check out our impressive range of bikes and scooters or why not book in a service if you feel content with your existing two wheels.