The Ural ‘CT’ model - a revolution in handling.

The Ural factory has tweaked their outfits to get an even better ride from a well proven design.
In the USA, test riders have given it the nod and warmly report on the effect of these small mods to the new model. “It sits on the road better and it gets around corners nicely”. “Rough pavement moves the outfit around less and the bike feels more nippy”. Gearing is better for acceleration.

So what have they done you say? Well the changes are quite subtle really. They have made a small compromise in ground clearance and lowered the whole outfit a little by running 18” wheels all round. Then they have used the retro sidecar suspension to bring the chair itself down a couple more centimetres. All this lowers the centre of gravity to increase stability and cornering ability.

Still suitable for road or adventure riding, there is more to the mods. The mounting brackets have been expanded to push the wheel track wider. A wider wheel track has created more stability and less inclination to lift the chair when on faster or off camber turns.

The Urals have long been slightly over geared in top when battling a headwind or long gradual climbs. Sometimes that necessitated a down change of gears to maintain the pace. The 4.00 x 18 wheels have lowered the gearing nicely, with better acceleration . Top gear hangs on better in adverse conditions and the ability to accelerate through 100kph is noticeably better.

Ural Australia has landed the new “cT” with 2015 specs in Gloss Grey, Terracotta or Yellow. They arrive as a bare model that can then be accessorised with the customers choice of the many Ural factory fittings to personalise the bike to their riding requirements.

Supplies are limited and you can find out more from or call 02 9698 4433