Heritage Softail Harley cruise

Last night a couple of the guys at Gasoline jumped on the Heritage Softail Harleys for a Night ride to La Perouse then back along the east coast to Bondi for a feed at our favourite burger joint Bondi Tony's. It didn't start to plan with a massive storm sweeping over as we were about to leave. Luckily after the decision to wait 30min the rain cleared and we were ready to ride minus a few riders deterred by the rain. It was relatively smoothed sailing from there, getting a clear run all the way to La Perouse and back to Bondi whilst enjoying a pretty wild display of lightning on the horizon. The wet roads were no match for the oversized Hog's that griped with ease and we arrived at Bondi Tony's with Hungry stomaches and a thirst for a cold beer. The next ride is already in sights leaving from Gasoline. Stay tuned on the Facebook for details. Photos: Nich Zalmpy.