Year of the customs

Gasoline Motor Co. has had an incredible year in 2017 - selling machines of all makes and models, attending many events all over Australia and of course building world class custom motorcycles. We debuted 3 custom builds at Throttle Roll street party 2017, represented at the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, attended the first annual Machine Show, exhibited at Vivid and again at The Artistry, had custom motorcycles on display at the Sydney Motorcycle Show, Collaborated with Sailor Jerry and had an awesome party, had a blast at the Billy Sixes Launch just to name a few. We also staged our own event - the first annual Workshop Masters where we brought together professionals from within the motorcycle community for a day of skills at the Gasoline HQ, which was a huge success. We couldn't have done it without the support of the motorcycle community in Locally and internationally and we'll continue to grow as a company and push the boundaries of custom motorcycle creation.

We managed to crank out a wide range of unique custom builds this year and really pulled all the stops out so they were bigger, badder and better than ever before. We always go above and beyond for each and every motorcycle we build and 2017 was no exception. For a full list of all our custom work to date check out the Custom Builds page, see below some of the best builds we created in 2017.



A-15 is one of, if not THE most popular build we've ever done - an all terrain Harley-Davidson that can tear up anything in it's path. Peep the video shot by Stories of Bike of A-15 ripping through the state forest and you'll see what we mean.



This sleek revision of a modern classic is made for the city streets, streamlined and dark it is nimble enough to whip through corners and powerful enough to leave traffic in the dust. We took it out on the town at dusk to put it through its paces and may have popped a wheelie or two.



A low down caferacer Harley-Davidson is what Gasoline was tasked with creating, and that's what we did. We crafted this sportster into a personalised riding machine right down to the custom seat - specifically designed to match the customers gloves! 



There's only one thing this build is about - dirt flying, speedway cheering, sideways sliding Flat Tracking! Built from a humble sportster, this machine was transformed into a formidable track scrapper capable of taking it to any and all competitors. Making it's debut at this year's  Throttle Roll Street party it stole the show and may still have some tricks up it's heat shield so stay tuned.



We took a Kawasaki from our showroom floor and rolled it straight into the workshop to create this tracker-style machine. If you like what you see then you could make it your own, hit the link to find out.

DSC_0924 copy.jpg


This secret build got its street debut at DGR 2017 with a special, hand painted tank, bur we've kept it under wraps since then. It will be fully revealed very soon so definitely keep your open for this one.



One of our last builds of the 2017 is this blacked-out Triumph Bonneville with a heart of darkness. Gasoline went all-out on this build, giving the Bonny a whole new persona that has been critically acclaimed in Australia and Internationally.