vmoto estate


Year: 2017

Make: Vmoto

Model:  Estate

Engine Capacity: 125cc


The Vmoto Estate is an exceptional modern designed scooter, that has everything you need to commute daily in the city or suburbs with style and ease. The Vmoto Estate is a 125cc 4-stroke scooter with a top speed of 90-120kms that is very easy to learn and ride for learners and veteran riders alike. With it's more modern design and all the up to date mods cons you'd expect from a contemporary scooter the Vmoto is the perfect choice for inner city travelling.


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matte black


easy to learn

The Vmoto Estate is a light and durable scooter, while still being powerful enough to get you where you're going. It handles well and is very easy for new and seasoned riders to get comfortable with quickly so you can get out there.


comfort and style

The Vmoto Estate is designed to be as comfortable and easy a ride as possible, with the riding ergonomics created for ease of use and comfort over long or short trips. It can easily carry two passengers anywhere around the city or suburbs, getting you and a friend to where you need to go quickly and efficiently.


modern and stylish

The Vmoto Estate was designed with modern sensibilities in mind, with a sleek, contemporary style. It captures the spirit of the classic vintage scooters, while bringing it into a more up to date fashion. Simple and clean, the Vmoto Estate's design is a perfect example of a modern style scooter.


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