The Street-500

Released late last year, the Street-500 is Australia’s first learner legal market place contender by Harley-Davidson since the Sprint-350 was in production during the mid seventies. 

This particular example came to Gasoline with some relatively simple requests, to make it stand out and to let it be heard. In an attempt to complete Harley-Davidson’s self described Street-500’ Café Racer aesthetic qualities, some of the largest Firestone Deluxe Champion tires that the Gasoline team had ever handled were procured before coming to the sudden realisation that the new tires in question wouldn’t be a simple swap onto the original rims. After brainstorming a couple of potential solutions to the problem at hand - a decision was made to enlist the help of some friends from across The Pacific in the fabrication, machining, lacing and painting of an entirely custom set of Harley wheels capable of accommodating the Firestone’s girth. Once fitted, some minor detailing to the likes of the battery box was required “another oversight” to help acclimatize the wheel set to its new Australian home.

Following the successful beginnings of this Street-500’s transformation, a one of a kind stainless steel, slash cut, high temperature heat wrapped four inch exhaust was pieced together and further complemented by a Screamin' Eagle air filter, this Harley undoubtedly acquired its signature rumble to which most of its bigger brothers are known. 

Other finishing touches “not however stating that any form of modification is ever complete” include some new handlebars which at seven eighths of an inch come in a little smaller than most other Harley-Davidson dimensional specifics, a rear end tidy up, some new blinkers and an assortment of minor pieces and trim painted black in assimilation to the bikes scheme. The Street-500 is an awesome machine for both learners and the experienced alike, furthermore, we here at Gasoline loved working on this project and hope to see many more Street-500's in the future. If you have any questions or would like to embark on a similar project with Gasoline, don't hesitate to give our showroom a call on 02 9698 4433 or send through some details to