R nineT squared

Regular readers of Gas Blog may recall an update from early September pertaining to not just one but two R nineT’s that are currently being simultaneously customised here at Gasoline

These two bikes were brought to Gasoline by two very different people and as a result, the direction that each build is destined diverges to say the least. With one owner opting for a vintage cafe racer feel and the other a more contemporary approach with a street roadster inspired build. Despite the different paths each bike is taking - they do share one modification which is an obvious requirement for any R nineT, the forks;

Beyond all logic and reason as to why anyone would want gold anodised forks is without explanation yet alone the fact that someone at BMW thought that it would be a selling feature. Therefor, the logical solution to right the wrongs of BMW’s design team is to remove and paint the factory inverted gold forks to match the colour scheme. 

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