Regular motorcycle services includes:

Load test battery and record results (CCA)
Check positive and negative terminals are secure
Spray battery protector over battery terminals
Check charge rate and record results (Volts)

Electronic Functions
Check operation of indicators
Check operation of low and high beam
Check operation of parker light
Check operation of horn
Check operation of front and rear switches
Check dash neutral light is operational
Check operation of switch block kill switch
Check operation of side stand switch

Operation Controls
Check and adjust throttle free play
Check and adjust clutch free play
Lubricate clutch cable  – only if required
Lubricate throttle cable – only if required
Lubricate choke cable – only if required
Check clutch fluid
Lubricate brake lever pivot shaft
Lubricate brake pedal pivot shaft
Lubricate clutch lever pivot shaft
Lubricate shift pedal pivot shaft
Lubricate side stand pivot shaft
Lubricate foot peg pivot shafts
Check lever and pedal position

Cooling System
Check radiator coolant level and condition
Check overflow level and condition

Check condition of front tyre and record data (%age remaining)
Check condition of rear tyre and record data (%age remaining)
Adjust front tyre pressure and record data (PSI)
Adjust rear tyre pressure and record data (PSI)

Wheels and Suspension
Check front and rear wheel bearings
Check steering head bearings for play
Check swing arm bearings for play
Check rear shock absorber operation and condition
Check operation of front forks and leakage

Test Ride
Document test ride symptoms - address accordingly. 


Pre-service check
Test if bike starts and runs
Check wear & tear items
Check for damage and faults
Quote repair of damage, faults and wear & tear items

Change Oil
Replace Oil Filter
Replace sump washer
Check oil level and vehicle for leakage
Spark Plugs
Check spark plugs
Replace Spark Plugs – only if required

Valve clearances – only if required – *additional cost
Check valve clearances
Adjust valve clearances

Fuel System
Drain carburettor float bowl
Check fuel hoses for cracks and damage
Synchronise carburettors/throttle bodies – only if required – additional cost

Air filter
Clean air filter (Paper filter) - Replace if necessary
Clean and re-oil air filter

Final Drive
Drive Chain
Check chain condition
Check condition of drive sprockets
Lube and adjust chain
Check wheel locknut torque
Belt Drive
Check condition of drive pulleys
Adjust belt tension
Check wheel locknut torque
Shaft Drive
Check shaft drive oil - Replace if necessary
Check wheel locknut torque

Inspect condition of rear brake pads and record data (%age remaining)
Inspect condition of brake lines
Inspect brake reservoirs for leakages
Inspect condition of front brake fluid
Inspect condition of rear brake fluid
Front brake disc condition
Rear brake disc condition
Check front brake operation
Check rear brake operation


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