Scooter maintenance tips

Fuel Mix

  • For every litre of 95 octane unleaded petrol it requires 20mils of two stroke oil.
  • For every 5 litres of unleaded petrol, you must add 100mils of two stroke oil into the same petrol feed hole which is found under your seats.

Tyre pressure

Tyre pressure should always be kept consistent at 30 to 32 psi.  A good idea is to quickly check your tyres every time you're at the petrol station.


Clean your scooter with Mr Sheen, it will look after the body and chrome work very well.  However keep the spray away from your tires and handle grips to avoid making them slippery.


When starting the scooter for the first time always follow these steps:

  • Pull out the choke lever, turn the fuel lever to the ON position which is facing up towards the rider and kick the kick start in a stabbing motion. 
  • Do not use the accelerator until the scooter fires up, then incorporate the throttle at the same time.
  • After 10 seconds, push the choke lever back in whilst throttling the accelerator to warm up the engine.
  • This process should take you 5 mins.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance of your scooter please feel free to contact us directly.


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