Once a cool little classic bike that may have been noticed by a handful of die hard enthusiasts the Kawasaki Z200 was transformed into a clean modern Cafe racer machine that now turns more than just heads. 

As all custom builds start off in the workshop, Gasoline Motor Co's customer came to get some new tires and the chain and sprockets replaced but was opened up to a world of ideas and creativity on the workbench in the new Alexandria shop. The motorcycle was stripped down to its bare bones, rims and frame sent off for a gloss black finish. All of the internals ripped out, battery and electrics relocated into a cleverly fabricated stealth box under the seat. The rear guard was shortened and tidied up with some sleek indicators and rear sets while the front guard was traditionally removed for that bad boy feel.  After several false starts on the fuel tank color which was professionally painted emerald green then orange, the end result ended up an inspiration from the Gasoline team into this striking bronze and black color scheme that came alive over a few collies in the workshop.  Whilst the motorcycle was starting to show some character we suggested a nick name which evolved in the“SPINNA”  a hand drawn design, placed on the tanks side. The meaning of the work came from the owners X Girlfriend who apparently was a bit of a typical X HEAD SPINNA. We then matched colors with a Retro driven headlight which was sourced in-house and its rim color matched to the tank, along with the obvious clip on bars, a smaller speedometre and to top it off a custom upholstered seat which was laid down for the final touch.