Grab your sweetheart and burn rubber down to the diner for a shake but don’t forget to put some tunes on that jukebox coz this custom Braaap Mercury is cruising for a bruising and reckons a square like you could enjoy a knuckle-sandwich. 

This Gasoline souped up cafe racer made its debut at The 2015 Sydney Motorcycle Show as a little bit of a showoff of what both Gasoline and a Braaap Mercury can do. Sporting a custom cream vinyl wrap with fast blue, red and black vintage pin stripes, tied together with some white walls, this machine is straight up old-school - so don’t be a rube and sit your wazoo down on a custom tan leather seat and get tight with some awesome clip-on handle bars as you punch this rocket from here to fat-city, no sweat. And If that doesn’t razz your berries, why not cast an eyeball on The Retro’s matching cream high temp exhaust wrap or its totally boss twin tail light configuration, daddy-o.