Riding a motorcycle in Australia means you can conquer the long industrial roads which surround the hustle and bustle of the CBD. These sudden bursts of clear pavement ahead of you can be completely taken advantage of, if you have a bike that boasts modern technology, a punch throttle and nimble brakes.

Our latest custom XSR, has just that – and oozes street fighter style and sound. 

Consider the Yamaha XSR700 for a powerful street bike, that moves exactly how you need it, when you need it.

This model has as much power as the Australian LAMS regulations will allow. It is within the power to weight ratio regulations, but still with a great amount of kick to get in front of the traffic. See ya.


The XSR 700 is powered by the MT-07 twin and offers awesome performance for such a small motorcycle. The XSR engine is the liquid cooled 655cc parallel - twin including that 270 - degree crank Yamaha has been famous for since its release.  Dubbed the TWIN Street fighters which are being offered to LAMS riders all over the country by the Sydney based Gasoline Motor Co.

Lets face it, anyone can hack off a subframe and weld in a hoop, but not everyone can design custom parts that fit as well, if not better, than factory originals.  The rear tail piece on this custom build is our signature set up for an XSR Yamaha.  More importantly we build the stance and seat position to suit the customer using our extensive knowledge of trial and error on previous builds.


Motorcycle build features include the following..

Headlight JVB Moto 
Fork Gators Rubber
Modified body kit by JVB Moto
Motor Gadget Electrics
MG Keyless Operation M Lock
Custom rear subframe hoop Cognito Moto
Pinstriped wheels preformed in house
Pearly white paint with custom Gasoline decal
Rizoma foot controls / pegs
SC Projects Exhaust
Gasoline Design Top Clamp with integrated Moto scope mini
Gasoline Seat Base and upholstery
Mirrors Motogadget
Custom made CAD designed, CnC machined top triple clamp
Custom risers CnC machined to accomodate moto gadget mini scope speedometer
Custom rear sub frame in total with a swaged led tail light imbedded
Hand painted pin striped wheels



Many thanks to Bike Exif for including this on their Bikes of the Week and Hamilton Media for the shoot.